Buying Guide

When you have identified a property that you would like to own, your agent will submit an offer on your behalf, along with a presentation of your qualifications.


The seller will accept or counter your offer as part of the negotiation.


In the case of multiple offers, your agent will help you structure a “best and final” offer that you are comfortable with. This will result in an agreement of the price, terms and closing date.


Once your offer has been accepted, an escrow will be opened. An escrow officer, or closing agent, will do the following:

  1. Hold all funds and documents.
  2. Process and facilitate the flow of documents and funds.
  3. Keep all parties informed of the progress.
  4. Respond to all lender requirements.
  5. Secure a title insurance policy.
  6. Prorate and adjust taxes, insurance, rents, fees, etc.
  7. Record the deed and loan documents.
  8. Distribute funds at the close of escrow.