The World is Flat

The World is Flat

Our agents recognize the benefit of engaging Global Real Estate.

One of the hottest trends in America real estate today is the millions on new foreign buyers that are interested in residential properties here in the U.S.A, and especially Southern California.

These new buyers are motivated, they have money, and they are savvy when it comes to buying real estate.

They view Real estate in America as one of the safest and most secure investment markets in the world.

Working with international clients, can present some unique challenges and may first appear daunting. Cultural norms, business practices and communication styles differ from country to country.

At United Empire Realty we have always accepted this challenge and work to be the best and serve this huge market opportunity.

Our company has been a huge supporter at University of California at Irvine (UCI) serving as a mentor with their International Marketing program. For the past 3 years we have sponsored over 20 interns from 9 countries. Helping them understand Real Estate in America.

The interns actually have helped us with our strategy of customer service to satisfy the needs of all foreign buyers and helping them gather information they require.
We have learned from our Interns the power of respect and understanding how the cultures from the counties we serve differ, and we embrace that opportunity.

For example two of our interns were charged with setting up a city by city demographic study of all cities in Orange and Riverside county. Any client needing quick information of local cities can get it from us by just a call or e-mail.

Our staff prides itself on being on the technology edge with working with foreign buyers. There is a rising middle class and economic shift in many countries, making it possible for technology to be more widely used. The “web” is common in the world today. The power is of the web is used by our agents at Exit Homewell Realty.
Technology has connected people around the globe in ways that were never possible before. While real estate is local in a sense, it has a universal access point; called online.

We encourage our agents focus on the following:

  • Be mobile compatible
  • Develop Relationships
  • Ask questions
  • Use the technology that the client uses and understands
  • Get Visual
  • Understand Skype
  • Most important than all is Build Trust

This ability and desire to work with foreign buyers helps our agents at Exit Homewell Realty offer broader marketing services to our sellers here at home. Marketing is not local anymore, it is and must be global to get the best price for our seller’s home.

We encourage our agents at United Empire Realty to build a strong personal brand with a trusted national brand like Exit. Our tools help our agents with social media, marketing and advertising.

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